Thank you for your interest in applying to one of our job openings at Gulf Int’l Contracting & Real Estate Co. Ltd. (GIT). We screen all resumes received and based on our needs will contact you or keep your resume in our database for other future vacancies that would better match your profile and work experience.

Resume & Interview Tips

Resume Tips:

All resumes and related materials should be submitted in English.
Back up your qualities and strengths.
Make sure to use the right keywords.
Put the most important information first, in chronological order.
Provide a brief description of the companies you have worked for, especially if they are not well known.
Revise spelling / grammar / punctuation.
Do not include personal hobbies in your resume.
Font size should not be smaller than 10 point and the length should not exceed 2 pages.

Interview Tips:

Do your research before the interview and get in prepared.
Familiarize yourself with the job description you are interested in.
Dress professionally.
Smile and be friendly.
Use a firm handshake and direct eye contact.
Relax and always be yourself.
Show confidence.
Ensure you can substantiate anything your CV/resume says.
Never badmouth a current or former employer.
Ask questions.

Please send your C.V. to with the need to write Job title in the title of the email.

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